Seven trends driving digital transformation

How technology can help future-proof your business


5 minute read

Key takeaways

  • The marketplace is changing faster than ever, which means you need a well-conceived digital strategy
  • A key to success is anticipating the needs of your clients, and having the digital solutions in place to meet those needs
  • As you think about adopting new technology, don’t just think about the costs — also pay attention to the potential savings

The world is being revolutionized by technology, which requires businesses today to operate in a much more complex world. From ecommerce and social media to paying suppliers and managing capital, technology stands at the center.


“With digital transformation skyrocketing to the top of companies’ priority list, it’s critical to look beyond the shiny new digital objects and focus on what it takes to have a true, sustainable digital program for your organization and customers.”

With so many forces re-shaping the customer journey, companies need to be on the lookout not only for the right digital solutions, but also the right strategy for adopting new technology. Don’t be daunted if your internal IT resources are limited. Many solutions providers can help you get systems or software up and running, or external IT consultants can help you find and implement low-cost solutions.


Below are some of the major trends that are shaping both the marketplace and the way companies conduct business in the months and years ahead.